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Spray Foam Insulation
Near Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Energy Edge would like to insulate your house, shop, commercial building or even deer blind the very best way possible with our high-efficiency spray foam insulation solutions. 

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Why Spray Foam?

Contact Energy Edge today for a free quote on spray foam insulation near Rhinelander, WI. Energy Edge is here for all of your insulation needs.

Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of spray foam insulation.

Air Tight

Buildings lose a lot of heat through the transfer of cold (or hot) air from outside. Spray foam makes so this doesn't happen.

Structural Integrity

Closed cell spray foams give your building added structural integrity and stiffness.


No more dust and fibers from traditional insulation. Spray foam stays in place.

Better R-Values

The density of our spray foams give you much better r-value per inch than fiberglass insualtions.

More Flexible

You can insulate anything with spray foam. From a chicken coop to an attic loft it will stick and work.

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty on our spray foam installations and materials.

Get Your Free Quote for your project

Every project is different. We might be able to give you a quote over the phone or but we might want to come take a look at your project to give you a quote. Either way, contact us today and we’ll get you a quote as quickly as we can.
Looking for spray foam insulation near Rhinelander, WI? Contact Energy Edge Today!

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Spray Foam Insulation Near Rhinelander, WI

We Insulate your Building the best way possible

The best options in insulation used to leave you scratchy, coughing, and your home drafty and cold. Not any more! Spray foam insulation by Energy Edge will make your home or building tight, energy-efficient, and comfortable.

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality, energy-efficient spray foam insulation near Rhinelander, we are here for you. Contact Energy Edge today!

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